Department of Accounting accredited by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) in the UK

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The ACCA has agreed that UMass Lowell Manning School of Business accounting students (BSBA, MSA and Certificate), who will graduate on or after May 2018, will be exempt from nine ACCA courses (where a maximum of nine exams are eligible for exemption to gain the ACCA qualification). This symbolizes that our accounting students receive professional knowledge which equips them to be competent candidates in the global job market.

The ACCA accreditation reflects the strength of the undergraduate, graduate, and accounting certificate programs. The ACCA course exemptions are evidence of the quality of the accounting courses delivered and reflect how the program incorporates practical and professional aspects which help our students become knowledgeable accounting professionals.

The ACCA accreditation recognizes that UMass Lowell's accounting program meets the quality educational standards required to enable students to progress in their professional career.