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Security Studies

The Graduate Program in Security Studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell offers an enriching, interdisciplinary education for students pursuing a broad range of careers in the private and public sector including local, state and federal government agencies, defense contractors, research firms and advanced technology companies.

About the Graduate Program in Security Studies

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Students are admitted into this program from a wide array of undergraduate and professional backgrounds. Students can earn a 30-credit Master of Arts or a Master of Sciences degree, depending on the area of concentration they choose: 

Master of Arts in Security Studies

Master of Science in Security Studies

Please see the Programs of Study page for courses and more information.

These degree programs can be completed on campus or entirely online through the Division of Online and Continuing Education.

A Bachelor's-to-Master's degree option is available for qualified undergraduates currently enrolled at UMass Lowell.

The university also offers a 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Security Studies. Courses taken toward the completion of the Graduate Certificate, in which a student earns a B+ or better, can be applied later toward the master's degree program. 

Finally, please note that students living in New England may be eligible for reduced tuition in the New England Regional Program and residents of Southern New Hampshire maybe be eligible for the Proximity Regional Program

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