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Public Health

We offer a 22 credit minor in public health.

Promote a Healthy Society

There is growing popularity of public health majors and minors in the United States as a result of the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations for Universities to promote an educated citizenry by providing access to public health education to all undergraduate students.

Understanding of global health challenges and social responsibilities in regard to critical public health issues is important for promoting a healthy society. A minor in public health will prepare students to address these challenges.

The minor in public health allows students at UMass Lowell to develop a foundation of knowledge about the public health field in combination with their undergraduate major, improving your marketability post-graduation.


Students in the Public Health minor must complete a minimum of 22 credits, with at least nine credits at the 300 level. 

Required Courses: Completion of 7 credits in Math and Science

  1. Science Requirement: Completion of 4 credits of either Anatomy and Physiology 1 with a lab or
    Principles of Biology 1 with a lab or Biology for Health Sciences with a lab.
  2. Math Requirement: Completion of 3 credits of Introduction to Statistics

Required Public Health Courses: Completion of 9 credits in the following courses:

  • Introduction to Public Health
  • Global Health
  • Principles of Epidemiology

Public Health Electives: Completion of 6 credits chosen from the following (at least one course must be at the 300 level). Please note, Introduction to Public Health must be taken prior to registering for any of the following courses:

  • Health Policy
  • Health and Disease Across the Lifespan
  • Introduction to Gerontology
  • Introduction to Health Promotion
  • Research Methods in Public Health
  • Principles of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Healthcare Systems

View the public health minor curriculum in the UMass Lowell online catalog.