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Residency Status for Tuition Classification

Residency Status for Tuition Classification

As a state institution, the University of Massachusetts Lowell sets tuition and fees for undergraduate and graduate students, in day programs, based on residency classification regulations from the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education and the New England Board of Higher Education.

Initial Classification of Residency

Initial residency classification concerns freshman and transfer students applying to UMass Lowell. The initial determination of the residency status for tuition classification, as part of the admissions process for undergraduate freshman and transfer students, is performed by Undergraduate Admissions personnel with support from the Residency Reclassification Officer. New applicants, especially if graduating from somewhere other than a Massachusetts high school, will be contacted by Undergraduate Admissions personnel if additional documentation is required. The Director of Graduate Admissions determines the residency status for tuition classification for new graduate students.

On this page you will find information about:


To apply for reclassification, the following three (3) forms must be filled out and submitted with supporting documentation (see residency classification worksheet for a list of documents):

Residency Reclassification Cover Sheet (pdf file)

In-State Tuition Eligibility Form (pdf file)

Residency Classification Worksheet (pdf file)


Inquiries can be directed or by calling:

The Office of Enrollment and Student Success
Tammy Millette, Asst. to the Dean of Enrollment and Student Success

Completed forms may be submitted in person or by mail to:

Enrollment & Student Success
University of Massachusetts Lowell
220 Pawtucket St., Suite 420
Lowell, MA 01854-5107 

You may also submit forms and documentation to


For incoming students:

The deadline to settle residency questions during the admissions process is the “add/drop without a record” date for each semester (academic calendars). However, the applicant is responsible for the payment of tuition, fees, and other financial obligations to the institution within the prescribed deadlines while the review of a residency request or appeal is underway.

For enrolled students:

  • Spring semester – application and documentation must be submitted by the previous December 15.
  • Fall semester –application and documentation must be submitted by the previous August 15.

Student Record Updates 

Student Record updates (i.e., change of permanent address, change of academic majors, etc.) may be submitted to UMass Lowell after the "add/drop period without a record," and a residency classification change to Proximity or New England Regional Program will take effect on the following semester.