The Honor Guard from the Air Force ROTC Detachment No. 345 at a flag-raising ceremony paying tribute to veterans.
An ROTC member outside, walking on a field alone, with a mountain in the background.

The Army ROTC program is based on a four-year curriculum intended to be integrated with the normal baccalaureate degree program. Flexibility is provided through a number of options and alternatives. These alternatives recognize previous military related experiences and provide accelerated or compressed instruction to allow late entry into the program.

The four years of on-campus instruction are designated Military Science (MS) I, II, III, and IV, corresponding to the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years, respectively. The Basic Course comprises the MS I and MS II years. The Advanced course comprises the MSIII and MSIV years.

An ROTC member navigating a map with limited supplies in the woods.

The program gives students the opportunity to take the Basic Course courses (during the first two years of college) without obligation. The decision to pursue a commission in the U.S. Army and to sign a contract (committing to getting a commission) is not made until the beginning of the Advanced Course or upon receiving an Army ROTC scholarship (four, three and two-year scholarships are available).

Upon contracting as a Junior, all cadets (both scholarship and non- scholarship) receive a $350 per month stipend for up to ten months MS III year and $400 per month MS IV year as well as a $900 book allotment each year. In the summer between the third and fourth years of college, cadets attend the Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC), a paid five-week summer camp at Fort Lewis, WA. LDAC is a comprehensive leadership camp designed to acquaint cadets with the challenges of leadership. This camp affords cadets an opportunity to test the techniques of leadership learned on campus and to challenge themselves mentally and physically.