Bus Driver Directions to Tsongas Industrial History Center Boott Cotton Mills Museum in Lowell, Mass.

  • Bus Drop-Off GPS Address: 40 French Street, Lowell, MA
  • Car Drop-Off & Parking GPS Address: 75 John Street, Lowell, MA
  • Second Choice Car Parking GPS Address: 1 Post Office Square, Lowell, MA
  • To the Teacher: Please give these directions to the bus driver and/or the people driving cars to the program.

DO NOT follow signs to the National Park Visitor Center or the Tsongas Center (Arena) at UMass Lowell.

  1. From I-495 or Rt. 3, take the Lowell Connector to the end.
  2. Turn left onto Gorham Street, which will become Central Street. (Road divides and has a slight bow in it, but continue in the original direction).
  3. Proceed through four traffic lights. At the fifth set of lights the road forks. A bank is in the center of the fork. Take right fork (Prescott Street).
  4. Follow Prescott one block to the traffic light. Cross Merrimack Street at traffic light. The road jogs slightly to the left as you cross Merrimack.
  5. After crossing Merrimack, proceed to the next set of lights and turn left (French Street).
  6. Proceed to light.  DO NOT turn right into the Boott Mills Parking Area.

Buses: Drop-off/loading area is on right side just past the light at the curb in front of a park (Boarding House Park).

Cars: Turn left and then left into the Joseph Downes Parking Garage on 75 John Street ($6-$8 per car, 6’8” clearance).  If the Parking Garage is full, parking is also available at the George A. Ayotte Parking Garage on 1 Post Office Square. 

Look for facilitators from the Tsongas Center and National Park who will be stationed at the drop-off point on the corner of John and French Street, in front of Boarding House Park. 

Telephone: 978-970-5080

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The Tsongas Industrial History Center is an education partnership between the University of Massachusetts Lowell School of Education and the National Park Service at Lowell National Historical Park.

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