In this issue

  • Assoc. Prof. Sabrina Noel keeps a map of all the Lowell parks evaluated in her office

    City Lights

    From internships to research partnerships, the city of Lowell serves as a learning lab for students and faculty.
  • Julie Chen

    She’s Got It

    Meet Chancellor Julie Chen
  • A student holds stones and archeological artifacts in their hand

    Pieces of the Past

    Students dig up history in Lowell.
  • Ruben Sança

    5 Questions

    With Ruben Sança, director of the new Office of Student Life & Well-Being.
  • Mike Carpenter ’97

    All According to Plan

    Mike Carpenter ’97 is working harder than ever in ‘retirement.’
  • Group picture, left to right: Jeff Pfeiffer, Frank Smith (on banjo), Frank McLaughlin, Rich Goldman, Jere Anderson, and Ron Hamel

    Six Friends, Six Strings

    Decades of melodies: Lowell Tech friends forge lifelong bond through music
  • Abdullah Abou Mahmoud

    Being Muslim On Campus

    A New Series Exploring the Perspectives and Identities of UML Students
  • Noelle Lambert

    Island Vibes

    Noelle Lambert ’19 Inspires on 'Survivor.'
  • UML Staff

    Immersed In Each Other

    Teradyne and UMass Lowell share a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration—and a long history of partnership.