What's Up with the Weather?

Fall-2023-weatherUML Researchers on the Science Behind the Rise of Extreme Weather Events

Extreme weather is on the rise. UML researchers weigh in on the science behind what's driving these changes.
Sarah Wrobelewski in the studio

The Weather Network

Some of the most familiar faces on television news in New England are graduates of UMass Lowell’s meteorology program, including Sarah Wroblewski ’05 on WBZ-TV and Shiri Spear ’07 on WXFT, both in Boston.
Sarah Wroblewski works at a computer

A Day in the Life

TV meteorologists do a lot more than just talk about the weather. They break down the science, analyze weather models and create graphics. Check out a behind-the-scenes look at a typical day.
Henrietta Isaboke next to the World Farmers sign

Growing Pains

UML alumni who make their living tending to local farms and vineyards understand the fickle nature of New England weather better than anyone. From droughts to nor’easters, they’ve seen it all.
Paul Song in front of a bookshelf holding an open book on space

Space Weather Forecaster

An expert in geophysics and solar plasma physics, Physics Prof. Paul Song directs the university’s Space Science Laboratory near East Campus.
Julie Eaton Ernst review plans at Boston waterfront

Path Change

Inspired by evacuating New Orleans and surviving Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Julie Eaton Ernst ’14, ’17 decided to study geotechnical engineering at UMass Lowell because she wanted to design levees that wouldn’t fail.
The Weather Company logo

Alumni in Good (Weather) Company

Nearly two dozen UML alumni work at IBM's The Weather Company as meteorologists, computers scientists, designers and more.
Kim and Brian Rist

Getting Smart About Storms

Living in Florida, Brian Rist ’77, ’22, ’22 (H) got a brainstorm: Garage doors are the largest and weakest barrier against high winds in most homes, so finding a way to protect them would limit hurricane damage.
Black Versace backpack

What's in Your Duffle?

Senior business major Justin Baez led a group of 10 UML students on a service learning trip to Panama in early July. We asked Baez, president of UML’s Class of 2024 and the International Business Association, to share some of the travel essentials in his trusty Versace bag.
Jeanne D'Arc employees sitting in their section of the Tsongas Center

The Company We Keep

Go Forth and Serve: The bond between Jeanne D’Arc and UML benefits students and the region.
Alan Desrocher

The Kindness of Strangers

Generous donors took a chance on Alan Desrochers ‘72 and now he does the same for UML students.
Johana Reyes speaks to an audience about the nonprofit sho co-founded, Alliance for a Sustainable Amazon

Alumni Profiles

Alumni young and old are making a difference in the world close to home and abroad.