Jacquie Moloney recalls her disaster-prone 1965 Ford Mustang

Photo of a 1965 red Ford Mustang

By David Perry

Chancellor Jacquie Moloney’s first ride was a wreck.

“I got the car because it had been in an accident—it was rearended—and it was totaled, but we got it fixed up,” says Moloney, who was a senior in high school when she acquired the 1965 red Ford Mustang. It had been rebuilt by her brother-in-law, a mechanic in Westford. It was cheap.

“I remember picking up my friends, and they all thought it was a very cool car. A hot car. We would just tool around town together,” says Moloney, who also drove the Mustang to and from her job as a waitress at the Airport Diner in Tewksbury.

“It was my first real possession. I bought it myself and was responsible for taking care of it,” she says. “Your first car is a real rite of passage.”

That car “lasted nearly half way through college,” Moloney says, until another driver ran a stop sign and T-boned the Mustang.

Back to the Westford garage for the family fix-up. Alas, shortly after the repairs were made, another errant driver smashed the Mustang’s front end when it was parked on the street overnight. Its last rites were administered.

“That was an unlucky car,” says Moloney.

It was followed, however, by what the chancellor says became her all-time favorite car: a black VW Bug.

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