Steve Smith, Fonative CEO

Fonative CEO Steven Smith speaks at podium at iHub

It has the perfect setting for a modern enterprise.

iHub member Fonative helps businesses connect with customers through voice and text with CPaaS, or communications platform as a service. They provide a cloud-native, full-featured application programming interface (API), for today’s contact center demands.
Through a connection with Associate Director Lisa Armstrong, Steve learned of the iHub and found the ideal location for his team. 
“We really needed a space where we could work together two or more days a week in a flexible, professional environment that also provided amenities such as conference rooms to meet with vendors,” said CEO Steve Smith.  “We've been here over two years now; the location is very convenient for our team. It has the perfect setting for a modern enterprise. We're very happy with the amenities offered and the co-working environment.”
Fonative has been in business for 26 years and looking at positive growth in the coming months and years. 
"We're enjoying a period of high growth," Smith said. “It's an exciting time for us! We're adding team members and preparing for the next stage of future development and enhanced growth.”
The Fonative team appreciates the support and collaboration it receives at the iHub.
“We like being around other innovative professionals,” Smith said.  “The leadership at the iHub is fantastic; they're always looking out for opportunities to help iHub residents to further their business or their dream. It's great to be affiliated with UMass Lowell; we get recognition from the affiliation and the location. Lowell is an interesting, innovative, authentic city, and it's fun to be spending time here.”