• Comply with federal, state and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure effective internal control environment i.e. safeguard data, minimize risk
  • Audit exposure
  • Maintain inventory and retention schedule(s)
  • Eliminate redundant record storage
  • Manage record management costs
  • Comply & coordinate “legal hold” of records
  • Assure record retrieval ability

Records Administrator

The Controller serves as the Chancellor’s appointed campus record administrator, with primary authority for compliance with the Record Management Guidelines.
The Records Administrator is responsible to: 
  1. Maintain a copy of all Retention Schedules created by the Records Administrator's campus/system office's business units (e.g., Provost Office, Financial Aid, Athletics, Human Resources, etc.); 
  2. Create and maintain a master list of all Retention Schedules for the Records Administrator's campus/system office;
  3. Post a copy of the master list on the Records Administrator's campus/system office's website; and 
  4. Maintain a list of all Legal Holds in place at the University’s Record Administrator's office, and will assure coordination among business units to comply with Legal Holds.