IMAGE OF Nicolai Konow

Nicolai Konow, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, UMOVE Co-Director

College of Sciences
Biological Sciences, UMOVE
Olsen 222


Biomechanics, muscle physiology, ecomorphology

Research Interests

Form-function-mechanics relationships. Integration and coordination of movements. Muscle contraction and tendon action. Ecological diversification. Evolutionary transitions. Feeding.


Postdocs: Harvard University, Brown University, Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D., James Cook University
BSc., MSc., U. Copenhagen


In my lab, we pursue an understanding of how biological movements, as seen during feeding and locomotion arise from mechanical interactions between contracting muscles, springy tendons and jointed skeletons. We combine tools from biomechanics, muscle physiology, and functional morphology into a research program that is relevant to students interested in organismal biology, ecology and evolution, and biomedical or health-care careers. Some of our current projects seek to determine how changes in chewing movement patterns impact ecological transitions like terrestrialization. Other ongoing projects have direct implications for questions in human health, including how contractile-elastic mechanics differ between muscles and is affected by stretch injury, and how muscle-tendon function changes within an organism from cradle to grave.

For news about our research, please follow our group on Twitter @KonowLab.

Selected Publications

Wallace I J, Riew G, Landau R, Bendele A, Holowka N, Hedrick T, Konow N, Brooks D, Liebermann D. (2021) Experimental evidence that physical activity inhibits osteoarthritis: Implications for inferring activity patterns from osteoarthritis in archeological human skeletons. Am J Phys Anth.
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