Sarah Croughwell, Fine Arts with a concentration in Design

During my time at UMass Lowell, I attended the Women's Leadership Conference, Resume Workshops, Career Fairs, Liberal Arts Panel and many other events. I attended Resume Makeover (several times) and also had a practice interview with a Career Counselor before I interviewed for my internship at Boston Interactive.

During my college years, I interned as a graphic designer in the Career and Co-op Center then later at Boston Interactive. Currently, I am a UX Researcher and Designer at Motivis Learning. In the future, I definitely want to lead a team either at a company or start my own business. I want to teach the importance of how understanding the problems companies want to solve is critical to success.

Because of the Career & Co-op Center I was able to confidently navigate my professional life from the very beginning. I have been able to get ahead sooner than I thought in my career because of what I learned from the Career & Co-op Center (salary negotiation, resume and cover letter help, etc.).


Meet with the Career & Co-op Center early in your college career. The Career & Co-op Center can help map what you’re learning to what skills are needed for your career, but more importantly, they can help you learn what job you want and how to shape your college experience to achieve that rather than just grinding through to get what you need. Focusing on getting the job rather than just a job.