I attended the Resume Workshops (Career Café) that occurred in Southwick, twice. I also attended one of the Resume Makeovers that happened in Alumni Hall, and with the Student Alumni Ambassador career service trainings (Network, Dine & Dress Like a Pro!).

I found an internship outside of the school that I was very interested in and I wanted to make myself appealing for the program. So, I asked for the help of the Career & Co-op Center to refine my cover letter. Before I knew it decision day came around and I was accepted into the program. That was the start of my summer experience abroad with an internship in Zurich, Switzerland as a Research Intern at the Institute of Molecular Biology.


Go to Career Services, make use of the opportunity since you already pay for it. What you put into it, is what you get out of it, so come prepared. It doesn’t hurt to increase your professional literacy.