Natasha Pacheco, Psychology

I utilized the Career & Co-op Center’s one on one career advising mostly. The career counselors helped me to completely restructure my resume and even helped with the wording of my job responsibilities/accomplishments; now it looks fantastic! I also was assisted in creating a cover letter and practicing for interviews. The practice interviews helped me out so much.

Because of the Career & Co-op Center I was able to obtain a new position as an Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist for children with autism at APEX Behavioral Consulting. When I receive my undergraduate degree, I plan to go straight for my Master of Science in Psychology, most likely in behavioral analysis. Then after that continue my work with children while doing research in other areas of psychology. My ultimate career goal is touch the lives of as many children I can, especially those with disabilities. While also doing research in other areas that can help the world we live in now.


Please visit the career center. There are great people working there that are dedicated to helping you getting the job or internship you want. Also no matter how nervous you feel about going to an interview, or applying for that dream job, just do it.