Whether you entered UMass Lowell declaring a major or came in expecting to explore your options, you’re in good company if you change your major at some point. There are lots of study options and career paths, so we strongly urge you to do some exploring and can assist you with the process.

We can help in several ways:

  • Discuss your concerns and ideas about majors with a career advisor. We can help you explore and evaluate majors and their respective career paths. To see a career advisor you can schedule an appointment online or call 978-934-2355.
  • Choosing a major and a career path works best when you understand your own interests and skills, and what’s most important to you. By taking an assessment such as FOCUS 2, you can clarify aspects of yourself that may affect your satisfaction with a major and career. 
  • Knowing how your major can "translate" into a career is key. Check out these helpful sites to learn about career paths related to majors you’re considering:
  • Obtaining an internship or engaging in another experiential education program is a great way to learn more about yourself and the world of work. Meet with us to discuss internship possibilities and strategies.
  • Talk to a career advisor about conducting an informational interview with someone in your professional area of interest to gain insight into his or her job, organization, industry, and career path.