We welcome the opportunity to share career development content in classrooms, with student organizations, and in partnership with university offices for the students that they support.

Most presentations are designed to be 45 minutes in duration. Typically, about 15 minutes is spent delivering content and the remaining time is activity based. To facilitate interactive sessions that allow for application of concepts and addressing student questions about the topic, the requestor may be given written and/or video content for students to review in advance. We are also available to provide a 15 minute overview of our services and resources.

Presentation topics include: career exploration, career fair prep, interviewing, job or internship searching, LinkedIn, overview of services with 30 minutes of Question and Answer (Q&A), and resumes. We are happy to consult about topics and to make recommendations based on the student audience.

Our availability for presentations can be limited leading up to and on the day of most career fairs. For Spring 2023, the career fairs we are sponsoring or assisting with are:

Presentations are available in person or via Zoom; if via Zoom, the requestor is asked to create the Zoom link once a date and time are confirmed by our office.

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