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On-Campus Recruiting

What is On-campus Recruiting?

On-campus recruiting is a process that lets employers post jobs specifically for UMass Lowell students and alumni, and lets those employers schedule on-campus interviews with selected candidates. The on-campus recruiting process takes place largely through an online system called Handshake. The system lets students and alums easily search online for positions of interest, apply electronically through the Handshake system (or sometimes directly to the employer via a company website or email address), and conveniently arrange on-campus interviews around their class schedules.

How Does It Work?

Positions are posted in Handshake, accessible from the Career & Co-op Center's website. Job postings include:

  • Position description
  • Company website (for your research purposes)
  • Qualifications required
  • Deadline date by which you must submit your resume
  • Date of the interview schedule.

If, after viewing your resume, the employer wishes to interview you for the position, either the employer or the Career & Co-op Center will contact you to schedule an interview. Company representatives conduct on-campus interviews in the Career & Co-op Center's interview suite in our offices at 450 University Crossing. 

If you have questions about participating in on-campus recruiting, email the Career & Co-op Center or call us at 978-934-2355.

How Should I Prepare for an On-Campus Interview?

It's important to conduct research, prepare, and practice before your interview. One quick way to prepare is to review our brief On-Campus Interviewing video and reviewing our Interview Guide (pdf). The Career & Co-op Center's website provides several additional "how-to" resources to help you research companies, industries and positions for which you plan to interview. Printed materials are available in our office as well. We also strongly recommend that you schedule a practice interview with a volunteer industry recruiter or a Career & Co-op Center staff member to help you market yourself effectively during a "real" interview. To schedule a practice interview, you can make an appointment online of call the Career & Co-op Center at 978-934-2355.  

Cancellation and No-Show Policies

Students without a valid, documented emergency who fail to appear for a scheduled on-campus interview, practice interview or employer-sponsored career event jeopardize UMass Lowell's working relationship with that employer. This lack of consideration:

  • Deprives another student of the opportunity to participate,
  • Tarnishes the reputation of UMass Lowell's student population and the Career & Co-op Center,
  • Causes the Career & Co-op Center staff and university faculty members to lose confidence in your reliability and marketability, and
  • Severely reduces the possibility of you ever working for that employer.

Cancellation Policy

If you are scheduled to attend an interview or Career & Co-op Center event, you may change your appointment time or cancel no less than two full days in advance by calling our office at 978-934-2355. The Career & Co-op Center can then provide that opportunity to another student with no penalty to you. Cancellations within two business days for reasons other than serious illness or emergency are not acceptable and will jeopardize your access to Career & Co-op Center programs and events.

No-Show Policy

If you fail to appear for a scheduled interview or event, your Career & Co-op Center privileges will immediately be suspended. To regain access, you must:

  • Contact the Career & Co-op Center at 978-934-2355 to schedule an appointment with a career counselor.
  • Write a letter of apology to the affected employer and/or Career & Co-op Center staff member.
  • Bring a copy of the letter and a stamped business envelope to your appointment.
  • Once you have completed this process, and your letter has been reviewed and mailed, the Career & Co-op Center will reinstate your privileges. Please note that repeat offenders may face an extended suspension and/or written notice to their academic department chairperson.