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Frequently Asked Questions about Resumes
Posting your resume on a job board? Applying for a job online? Read this!

Top 10 Pitfalls
Don't fall into these traps when writing your resume.

The Three Rs of Resume Writing
Research, research, research!

Use These Verbs in Your Resume
Verbs to use in describing your responsibilities and achievements in a focused manner.

Describing Military Experience on a Civilian Resume
Ways to talk about your background to non-military recruiters

Get sample resume downloads (in Microsoft word .doc format):

  • Business - Describing academic projects¬†
  • Veteran - Student-Veteran describing military experience
  • Criminology - Showing Associate's and Bachelor's degrees, and project work
  • Exercise Physiology - Highlighting relevant skills and experience
  • Biology - Highlighting lab skills, related and other experience¬†
  • Business - Highlighting relevant and additional experience
  • Art - Showcasing graphic design skills, projects, and experience
  • Chemical Engineering - Highlighting skills, internships, projects, and experience
  • Computer Science - With computer skills, projects, related experience, and activities
  • Plastics Engineering - Showing tech skills, projects, related experience, and activities
  • Sociology - Highlighting skills, study abroad, related and additional experience, and activities