Attendees mingle before dinner at the Career & Co-op Center's Dine & Dress for Success event.

Get sample resume downloads (in Microsoft word .doc format):

  • Business - Describing academic projects
  • Veteran - Student-Veteran describing military experience
  • Criminology - Showing Associate's and Bachelor's degrees, and project work
  • Exercise Physiology - Highlighting relevant skills and experience
  • Biology - Highlighting lab skills, related and other experience
  • Business - Highlighting relevant and additional experience
  • Art - Showcasing graphic design skills, projects, and experience
  • Chemical Engineering - Highlighting skills, internships, projects, and experience
  • Computer Science - With computer skills, projects, related experience, and activities
  • Plastics Engineering - Showing tech skills, projects, related experience, and activities
  • Sociology - Highlighting skills, study abroad, related and additional experience, and activities