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Recommended Activities

Getting Started

Career Exploration/Planning

  • Conduct at least one informational interview with someone working in your target field or occupation; complete and upload the Informational Interview Worksheet (pdf).
  • Send a follow-up “thank you” letter to the person with whom you did your informational interview, using our sample thank-you letters (pdf) as a guide.
  • Research 3 specific careers using the Occupational Research Worksheet (doc); complete the Occupational Research Worksheet and upload it to your CareerLINK account. (Successful completion of the Professional Development Seminar also meets this requirement.)

Resumes & Cover Letters

  • Update your resume on CareerLINK to include additional experiences, coursework, and/or projects.
  • Begin to catalog descriptions of ALL academic projects (for future use in resumes and interviews); save document to CareerLINK (click on “My Account,” then “My Documents,” then “Add” next to ProPath Documents).
  • Draft a cover letter (tailored to a specific position) using our sample cover letters (pdf) as a guide, and have it reviewed during drop-in hours.

Job Search

  • Develop and practice your “introduction,” using the Introduction Handout (pdf) as a guide.
  • Participate in a practice interview (in-person, by phone, or via InterviewStream).
  • Attend a Career Fair Preparation workshop and/or view our Career Fair Preparation YouTube video.
  • Attend at least one career fair, hosted by the Career & Co-op Center.*
  • Send a follow-up letter (or email) to at least one employer you met at the career fair, using our sample thank-you letters (pdf) as a guide.
  • Participate in at least one career event in addition to the career fair.

Gaining Experience

Sophomore Year: Options for Gaining Experience

Consider all options from First Year, plus the following:

  • Professional Co-op - Offered through the Career & Co-op Center; for eligible students in Engineering, Sciences or Business majors
  • Internship - An opportunity (either paid or unpaid) to gain valuable real-world experience
  • Community Internship - Paid opportunities for real-world experience in the College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  • The Washington Center (Internships) - Opportunities to intern with organizations in Washington, D.C.
  • Study Abroad Internships - Hands-on internship opportunities around the globe

*Completion of these two items and the three asterisked items from the First Year will entitle you to attend a networking event with recent UMass Lowell alumni.