Attendees mingle before dinner at the Career & Co-op Center's Dine & Dress for Success event.
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Recommended Activities

Getting Started

Career Exploration/Planning

Resumes & Cover Letters

  • Attend the Resume Café workshop (held bi-weekly) and create a resume (pdf).
  • Have your resume reviewed during drop-in hours (see schedule on our website).
  • Upload your resume to your CareerLINK account; receive approval from Career & Co-op Center staff.*

Job Search

  • View the two CareerLINK tutorials posted on our YouTube channel.
  • Update your CareerLINK profile.
  • Send a follow-up letter (or email) to at least one employer you met at the career fair, using our sample thank-you letters (pdf) as a guide.
  • Participate in at least two career events per year, hosted by the Career & Co-op Center.*

Gaining Experience

  • Meet with your faculty adviser to discuss credit-bearing experiential learning opportunities.
  • Attend a Co-op Info Session, if interested in potentially participating in Professional Co-op next year.
  • Participate in one or more experiential learning options (see list below) and use the “Report a Hire” (pdf) feature of CareerLINK to report any applicable experiential learning opportunities.

First Year: Options for Gaining Experience

Part-time Work - A part-time job opportunity, ideally related to your academic major or area of professional interest.

Volunteer Work An unpaid opportunity to get involved in a field of interest