Students wait for the dinner to begin at the Career & Co-op Center's Dine & Dress for Success event.

Networking Ideas and Resources for International Students

Get to know your professors. Find out if your faculty members have industry contacts with which they could connect you (for the purpose of informational interviewing), or if they know of any on-campus positions (e.g., Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant) for which you could apply.

Join professional associations. Find out about professional associations specific to your academic major. For an online listing, go to

Attend events. UMass Lowell hosts a variety of cultural, social and educational events throughout the year. To find out about upcoming events, visit the University Calendar. Also be on the lookout for networking events sponsored by the Career & Co-op Center; our events can be found on the “Hot News” section of our website.

Connect with international student organizations. Visit the website of the International Students & Scholars Office for a listing of on-campus cultural clubs and organizations.

Develop your communication skills. Consider joining a local Toastmasters Club, which will give you the opportunity to learn and practice communication and leadership skills. The Synergists Toastmasters Club meets at Juniper Networks in Westford (approximately 15 minutes from campus); additional details are available at the Career & Co-op Center.

Practice speaking English. Seek out opportunities to practice speaking English, such as on-campus events, activities, clubs or study groups. For a listing of nearby academic institutions that offer English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, visit the website of the International Students & Scholars Office.

Connect with other young professionals. There are several local networking groups created specifically for young professionals living and working in this geographic region. Check out Young Professionals of Greater Lowell or IUGO of Nashua. Networking groups offer a variety of social events and professional development opportunities and can be a great place to begin expanding your network!