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Online Posting & Recruiting

Recruiting with UMass Lowell

All employers working with the Career & Co-op Center at UMass Lowell are expected to maintain a positive, collaborative working relationship with our staff. This includes abiding by the employer policies and procedures detailed below, meeting necessary deadlines for recruiting, complying with the legal obligations of recruiters, and maintaining the confidentiality of student data as outlined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The Career & Co-op Center reserves the right to deny campus recruiting services to employers. Reasons may include misrepresentation, complaints by students/alumni, violation of UMass Lowell recruiting policies, and positions that are not of interest to our students.

We see hundreds of jobs come through on a weekly basis. There are times when we may approve an employer (and job) in error. We reserve the right to reverse this decision at any time.

If you have any questions regarding recruiting at UMass Lowell or our employer policies, please contact Greg Denon, Associate Dean, Career Development (Email:, Phone: 978-934-2418).

Job Postings

All job postings are published on our career services platform, Handshake. We ask that job descriptions are clear and include responsibilities, requirements and special instructions for application as required.

EXPIRATION DATE: All jobs posted on Handshake must have an expiration date of 60 days or less. Jobs without an expiration date will be given one.


  • Employers posting full-time positions that do not require at least an associate's degree
  • Employers posting internships or co-ops that do not require the pursuit of at least bachelor’s degree
  • Employers offering internships that are not in-keeping with federal standards for unpaid internships and/or do not provide a learning environment supported by supervision
  • Employers offering personal, babysitter, household or care taker jobs

Temporary/seasonal jobs that do not require pursuit of a bachelor’s degree of higher as well as personal, babysitter, household or care taker jobs may be allowed to post through UMass Lowell’s Student Employment Office, Job Location & Development Coordinator, email:

OTHER: Commission based jobs must fully disclose the compensation structure in the job posting.

THIRD PARTY: Third parties may post to Handshake and participate in career fair events provided they:

  • Charge no fees to the job candidate;
  • If requested by the Career & Co-op Center, reveal the identity of the employer being represented and the nature of the relationship between agency and employer;
  • Comply with established policies and all federal and state EEO laws.