Two male engineering students working on equipment at their co-op.

Students in the Professional Co-op Program who have secured a co-op and need to be released from their housing contract MUST follow very precise steps to do so. All co-ops will be verified by both Residence Life and Career Services & Co-op Education Center. Students must, ASAP:

  1. Report their Co-op via CareerLINK
  2. Cancel their housing on the Online Housing Portal.

Students who are going on an approved Professional Co-op will not be charged cancellation fees for the semester they are on co-op as long as they properly indicate their housing cancellation via the Online Housing Gateway.

Cancelling Housing for Co-op

Going Out on a Fall Co-op 

  • Students going on a fall co-op and wishing to come back to spring semester housing must cancel their housing contract with the cancel code “Defer to spring”. This will secure a spot, but not a particular spot, upon return to campus. In this situation a student will receive the housing deposit credited to their spring bill, just as all other students who are still on campus. 
  • If a student selects to defer to spring but later decides to move off campus after the co-op, this student will lose their housing deposit. 

Going Out on Spring Co-op 

  • Students cancelling spring housing should select the cancellation code “Co-op”. This is the code Residence Life uses to notify students about the spring semester deadlines for the upcoming academic year. 

Summer Only Co-op 

  • Students completing a Summer-only co-op do not interrupt their housing contract. 
  • If a student wishes to live on campus to do a local co-op during the summer they will need to apply for summer housing. The deadline for this is typically May 1.
Can I cancel housing if I have accepted a co-op?

Yes, to cancel housing, please complete the housing cancellation form online and list the reason for cancelling as “Co-Op”. The form is located on the Online Housing Gateway. The Co-Op staff will provide Residence Life with a list of all Professional Co-Op students; if you are not on this list, you will be asked to provide proof of Co-Op.

Can I live on campus during the summer?

Yes. Residence Life offers summer housing for summer students including those on a summer-only co-op. The deadline for housing contracts for summer is typically May 1st. Any contracts received after May 1st are not guaranteed summer housing. The locations for summer, rates, and meal plan costs are listed on the summer housing contract located on the Housing Gateway. 

How do I defer my housing to next spring?

When you know you are going to be going on Co-Op for the fall semester, fill out a housing cancellation form. There is a section on the form to defer to spring semester. If you KNOW you will not be living on campus in the spring (i.e. have an off-campus apartment), do not fill out a housing contract.

How do I get back into housing when I return from co-op?

You are guaranteed housing upon your return from co-op, however, Residence Life cannot guarantee a specific space for you. If you have applied for housing for the fall semester (contracts due the prior March), you will be able to take part in the room selection process just like all the current residents, as long as your contract and deposit is completed by March 31st. If you have applied for housing for the spring semester, Residence Life will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Will I get my deposit back?

Contracts are for the academic year and hold your housing spot for the year. If you have an outstanding amount on your student account, the $200 deposit will be applied to that amount.