By Steve O’Riordan

UMass Lowell has adopted a policy that applies to consensual relationships between members of the faculty and staff, as well as those occurring between students and members of the faculty and staff.

Please know these relationships can carry legal risk for the individuals involved and the university.

Individuals in an amorous relationship when professional responsibility exists between them must report that relationship to the office of Equal Opportunity and Outreach.

Other relationships carry risks, as well. Therefore, the university strongly discourages amorous relationships between individuals in the same department or business unit.

The university also strongly discourages amorous relationships between a student and any employee, faculty or staff and recommends these relationships be reported to EOO.

UMass Lowell promotes a professional, collegial, supportive work and learning environment for all members of its community. The university also seeks to protect the integrity of interactions among its faculty, staff and students.

See the full policy in the Policy Portal for details, including a fuller description of the obligations of individuals involved in amorous relationships, as well as instructions on disclosing relationships to the EOO.