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CPE Brown Bag with Khalid Alnafai: Expressive Writing: Benefits and Implications 12/9

By Shanna Thompson

Faculty and students are invited to join the Center for Program Evaluation (CPE) members at this month's Brown Bag on Dec. 9, 2022 from noon  to 1 p.m. 

Khalid Alnafai, a Community Social Psychology Graduate Student doing his practicum at the CPE this year, will be presenting: "Expressive Writing: Benefits and Implications." 

Expressive writing is a therapeutic form of free writing that reflects a person’s emotions and feelings without adhering to the technical aspects of writing. The purpose of this Brown Bag is to provide an overview of expressive writing and how it contributes to a person’s psychological well-being. In addition, some factors, strategies, and techniques will be discussed. All attendees will practice expressive writing then participate in a debrief. This Brown Bag is based upon Pennebaker and Evans (2014) book entitled Expressive Writing - Words that Heal: Using Expressive Writing to Overcome Traumas and Emotional Upheavals, Resolve Issues, Improve Health, and Build Resilience.

The mission of the Center for Program Evaluation (CPE) is to conduct research on program evaluation methods as well as to offer evaluation planning, consulting, training and services for the university, regional, and global community. CPE offers program evaluation services that support the University’s missions of research, teaching, and service to the community and industry.