By Monica Melo

The Department of World Languages & Cultures once again is looking for unique publishings to showcase in the next CANAL Issue.

CANAL, the multilingual journal of the department. Essays, creative work, audiovisual projects, and translations are now officially being accepted for consideration. Reach out to see if your work in one of the languages taught in the department might be right for our upcoming issue. (And check out the attached poster!)

While the due date for submissions is Feb. 15, 2023, we would be happy to receive the material early. We often work with authors and creators in an editing process to make sure that their work is ready for publication--which means that it is fine to submit something that might still need some editorial work. Consider submitting your essays and final projects from last semester's courses... or the project that you will be finishing up this semester!

To see past issues of CANAL, please visit: www.uml.edu/canal

Send any submissions or questions to CANAL's editors: Max Ubelaker Andrade at Max_Ubelaker@uml.edu or Giulia Po DeLisle at Giulia_Delisle@uml.edu.