Tim Panagos, Microshare

Microshare CTO Tim Panagos holds a small sensor

Haverhill brings its own unique flair with a reinvigorated downtown and beautiful river views.

Tim Panagos wants to use data science and IOT to make buildings less costly and more comfortable. Most commercial buildings are managed with little to no reliable data about how they are meeting the needs of the people inside. Building managers spend more time and resources than necessary trying to keep-up with tenant's expectations. At the same time, tenants are demanding more convenience and comfort with new space options like WeWork becoming available globally.
So Panagos, chief technical officer and co-founder of Microshare.io, has developed a turn-key package for making a buildings or campus better. Using inexpensive sensors coupled with sophisticated data management in the cloud, a building can get smart in a single-day deployment.
Founded in Philadelphia in 2012 with business partners, Ron Rock and Charles Paumelle, Panagos kicked-off Microshare to bring enterprise-grade technology to markets have big challenges without the big IT budgets to face them. "Data is the key to managing all of our resources better. But, it has to be simpler. Cheaper. Turn-key." 
When looking to establish an engineering location near his home in Massachusetts, he looked at traditional real estate offerings in the Merrimack Valley but found they lacked the flexibility that a growing start-up needs. Then he heard about the Haverhill Innovation Hub. 
"Haverhill is a perfect location for us. It is close to prominent bedroom communities: Andover, North Andover, and Boxford and it fits with our corporate goal of bring high-tech employment opportunities to gateway cities. Haverhill brings its own unique flair with a reinvigorated downtown and beautiful river views. And with the comprehensive services and expandable space that the iHub brings, we can focus on growing our business without worrying that our space can't keeping up. That's smarter real estate right there!”