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The NERVE Center provides testing and prototyping services. Testing services can be performed in-house or in-situ for evaluation outside of the center.

YCB Objects including household items, dishes, tools, balls

YCB Object Sets

The NERVE Center provides YCB Object Sets, a standard set of objects used for benchmarking robotic manipulation.

The set consists of common objects of varying shapes, sizes, textures, weight, rigidity, and some widely used manipulation tests.

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Robot manipulating a gear on the NIST-ATB #1

NIST Assembly Task Boards

The NERVE Center provides NIST Assembly Task Boards, which are designed to quantify a robot system’s grasping, manipulation, and perception capabilities when used in small parts assembly operations.

Task board #1 evaluates competencies such as peg insertion, gear meshing, electrical connector insertions, and nut threading. 

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Test and Evaluation Services

The NERVE Center testing services can be procured by either using the Core Research Facility (CRF) system or through grants and contracts.

For hourly usage of the NERVE Center's test course resources, the university's Core Research Facility (CRF) system is used to reserve testing time. Up to two users may perform testing at the NERVE Center simultaneously. 

For hourly usage of test course resources, the NERVE Center provides test courses, apparatuses, and environments to use for robot testing and operator training. Available apparatuses include standard test methods specified through ASTM E54.09 for response robots (mobility, maneuvering, dexterity, sensors) and ASTM F45 for industrial mobile vehicles (navigation, obstacle avoidance). Custom test apparatuses and environments can be fabricated for an additional fee.

Onsite testing at the NERVE Center is available as service use (NERVE staff assists to facilitate testing, collect data, record video, and generate report of usage) or self use (client conducts testing on their own). Offsite testing available with additional fees for travel and any costs for offsite location rental. 

Costs for services listed below are for industry users. Please e-mail Assistant Director, Adam Norton - email: - to inquire about government and academic rates. Before booking, e-mail to review test plans and scope. 

(Industry rates shown)Self UseService Use

Test Courses

Consulting/Custom Building

$103 / hour

$228 / hour

$153 / hour

Stratasys Eden 260V 3D printer

Prototyping Services

The NERVE Center houses a Stratasys Eden 260V 3D printer for prototyping capable of printing 16-micron layers and a build size of 255 x 252 x 200 millimeters. The 3D printer can be use to prototype robot gripper fingers, chassis mounts, wheel designs, and more. 3D printing jobs are reserved using the university's Core Research Facility (CRF) system; cost is determined by the amount of material required to complete the job, prep time, and cleaning time. Prints are calculated in grams with a minimum of 20 grams. Please send your STL files to email: for a quote.

Costs for services listed below are for industry users. Please email: to inquire about government and academic rates.

Cost For Services

Price per 2 grams: $2.51