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UMass Lowell's Summit Enterprise Reporting System is a dashboard-designed reporting system that provides users with a single reporting application to access data across multiple areas, including Student Administration, Finance and Human Resources. 

Data is displayed in table or graphs formats in dashboards that track key performance indicators and provide updates, such as actionable alerts. Dashboards use targeted data-sets to answer your specific questions regarding status and performance in your organization.  

The system is built on the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) tool set.   

Access to Summit

Automatically Granted Access

  • None

Manually Granted Access

All dashboard access must be requested. Employees request access via an electronic form with approval form their direct supervisor. All requests get reviewed and have security roles approved by a data custodian. The data custodian is also a good resource to contact with questions about Summit Dashboards. Fully approved forms are forwarded to the Security Administrator who will apply the approved security requests.

Function Area Data Custodian Request Form
Finance Maura Shield Finance Access Form
Student Admissions Julie Alig Future Functionality
Student Records Mai Nguyen Future Functionality
Human Resource Data Hilary Clark Future Functionality

Termination of Access

All access to Summit is terminated once a person is no longer employed at UMass.

Security Documentation

Job Aids

General Job Aids

Function Text Resources Interactive
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Saving and Accessing Dashboard Customizations


SUMMIT Quick Reference Guide Job Aid (pdf)  
Setting a Default Dashboard Job Aid (pdf)  
Exporting to Excel Job Aid (pdf)  
Updating Trusted Sites in IE Job Aid (doc)
Clearing Cache in Firefox Job Aid (pdf)  
Clearing Cache in IE9/10 Job Aid (pdf)  
CSR Job Aids

CSR Lookup Dashboard
Job Aid (doc)
Exporting CSR Lookup Dashboard Information to MS Excel
Job Aid (doc)

Using the CSR Lookup Dashboard


Additional Job Aids By Department