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Time Reporting

The university is upgrading its HR Direct PeopleSoft application. The HR Direct application will be moving from version 9.0 to 9.2. By updating the software that runs our HR system, this will position the university to be able to take advantage of new functionality and keep up-to-date with future Oracle Feature Packs and Releases.

Please use this HR Direct 9.2 guide (pdf) to review General Tips, Favorites, Bookmark and Browser information as well as directions if you need to clear cache.

Student hourly employees, hourly temporary employees; mid-management & non-unit professionals; and clerical & technical employees are now using HR Direct for self-service time reporting.

NOTE: Facilities use an automated time clock system called Kronos. See your manager for more information. 

The system deadline for employees to report time in HR Direct is Sunday at 5 p.m. of the critical payroll week (i.e., Sunday before pay day). The Payroll Schedule can be viewed on-line in pdf format. Managers may impose earlier deadlines as necessary to accommodate holidays, vacations, etc.

Business Function Text Tutorial
Employee Reporting of Time (Salaried) Job Aid (pdf) UPK
Employee Reporting of Time (Hourly) Job Aid (pdf) Video
Overview of Time Reporting Codes Job Aid
Mass Sick SS Time Reporting Job Aid (pdf)
Mass Sick Timekeepers  Job Aid (pdf)
Special Processing Requirements Text Tutorial
Normal Holiday Reporting Job Aid (pdf)
Saturday Holiday Reporting Job Aid (pdf)
Essential Personnel, Police
Job Aid (pdf)
Outside Detail, Police Job Aid (pdf)
Essential Personnel, Facilities Job Aid (pdf)
Comp Time Earned & Used in Same Week Job Aid (pdf)

Time Approval

Managers should be approving employee time in HR Direct if your direct reports are hourly students and temporary employees; mid-management & non-unit professionals; or any clerical & technical staff.

NOTE: All student time must be approved on-line or it will not be paid.

The system deadline for managers to approve time is Monday at 11:59 p.m. of the critical payroll week. The Pay-Schedule can be viewed on-line in pdf format.

Business Function Text Demonstration Tutorial
Manager Approving Job Aid (pdf) Video UPK
Understanding Multiple Jobs Job Aid (pdf)
Time Report Code Categories Job Aid (pdf)

Pay Schedule & Holidays

If you have other questions, please contact us.