Student Employment

  • What is campus work or federal work study?

    The goal of the Student Employment Office is to make on-campus employment opportunities fair and accessible to all students. Money earned from the work programs is to be used for educational expense. If student decides to not dedicate that money towards their bill, it is their responsibility to pay off any balance due on their ISIS account.

  • What will my wages be?

    The University of Massachusetts Lowell offers three different levels of need-based student employment for students who qualify. There are general level positions which pay $10/hr, need based campus co-ops which pay $11/hr and community service positions which pay $12/hr.

  • What does the average student earn each year?

    Students in the program earn an average of $2,100 annually. Depending on your level of experience and expertise and your employment interests, there is a student employment opportunity that fits your needs.

  • Can I work if I did not receive Campus work or Federal Work Study as part of my Financial Aid award?

    The Student Employment Office provides access to non-university affiliated employment opportunities. Our Job Location and Development (JLD) program receives employment postings from local businesses that are looking to hire our talented students. Students do not have to be awarded UMass Lowell Student Employment or Federal Work Study to apply.

  • How do I apply to jobs?

    To apply for jobs, students have to log in on JobHawk to search and apply for Student Employment jobs and/ or JLD postings.

  • When can I start working?

    Students can start working on the first day of classes only if student have received a contract from our office and have already submitted a complete from of I9 and W4 with the correct requested documentation.

  • How do I get paid?

    To get paid you have to log in on HR Direct to enter your hours weekly. Supervisors have to approve your hours before you get paid. 
    Students have the option of direct deposit. You can enroll in direct deposit through HR Direct.
    Students living on campus will receive their paychecks in on-campus P.O. Box. Commuter students will receive paychecks at local or home address. Please keep your address current in ISIS to ensure proper delivery.

  • How do I apply my earnings to my account?

    Students who wish to apply a portion of their earnings should download and complete the Student Employment Withholding Form. Once processed, this form will authorize 70% of your earnings to be applied directly to your account balance. The student will receive a check for the remaining 30% of their earnings until their balance is paid in full. You must submit your check to the Bursar’s office and ask them to reapply these funds to your account if you wish to apply 100% of your earnings towards your bill.

  • What happens to my award if I don’t work all of my hours?

    Remaining award is cancelled and will not be replaced by other types of grant aid. Loan options may be available. Contact Financial Aid counselor for more information.

  • What if I can’t find a job?

    Contact our office and we will help you find a job that fits your schedule and interest.

  • Can I switch jobs if my first is not a good fit?

    Yes. Students are allowed to switch jobs if it is a good fit. You will have to notify your current supervisor and our office by submitting a “change form.” When applying to a new job, student will have to go through the JobHawk process of applying, being hired and obtaining a new contract before student can start working.

  • Why didn’t I receive work as part of my aid package?

    Several facts including:
    • Available funding
    • Date of FASFA application submission
    • When verification process was completed
    • EFC

    Contact Financial Aid counselor for details.

  • How long will it take to get my contract?

    We recommend that you apply to jobs as early as possible to avoid the rush. If you are hired in early August you will get your contract much quicker than the beginning of September. Your first day of work will still be the 1st day of classes unless you don’t have a completed contract. You cannot be paid for hours worked without a contract.

  • Do I need to reapply to my job if I am going back to the same one?

    Yes. The system will not generate a contract and you will not get paid unless you apply the job through JobHawk, get hired, so we can generate a contract for you. 

  • How many hours can I work?

    While classes are in session, students are allowed to work 22 hours/week.
    During winter and summer break, students are allowed to work up to 8 hours a day, but a max total of 37.5 hours/week. Most awards will not support that many hours on a consistent basis, so please Keep Track of your hours so you do not exceed your total award.

  • Can I work more than I am awarded?

    Students aren’t allowed to work more than the amount they were awarded. The student employment office will send out an e-mail when student is getting close to finishing the amount awarded. 
    Students can calculate and plan their hours using this formula:
    Amount of Semester Work Award ÷ Pay Rate
    ÷Number of Weeks in Semester
    = Number of Hours to Work per Week

  • How do I log into JobHawk?

    Use your student email address and password.
    All students should have access to JobHawk and JLD postings. Only students that were awarded work-study will have access to both JLD and Student Employment job postings.

  • How do I keep up to date on upcoming events and important updates?

    All communication is via student e-mail. 
    Like our Facebook page for reminders, new job postings and tips.