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Form Request

Forms are an essential part of university business and serve a variety of purposes.  To ensure proper branding and security of data collection, all forms representing the university’s interests are to be created and implemented by the University Relations Web Services Office. 

This policy outlines the different types of forms and when they should be used. Regardless of which type of form your department needs, all UMass Lowell forms are required to be consistent with the university brand.  

Web Services will create web forms. External vendors (ie: wufuu, Google forms) should not be used for security reasons. Money should only be collected via authorized and approved vendors.

If you are not sure which form best meets your department’s needs, see below.

I need a form for:

Based on your request, Web Services will determine the best form solution for your needs. Please allow for two business days to receive a response to your form request. Depending on the type of form, turnaround time may be as long as two weeks.

e-Commerce Forms

Please note that certain policies and procedures must be adhered to for the purpose of legal compliance when using e-commerce or collecting revenue. Forms receiving payments are required to be handled by a PCI compliant staff member. 

The university has two authorized vendors: BlueSnap and Eventbrite. Web Services will work with you to determine the best vendor for your need. There are no fees for free events. Both tools charge a service fee that must be absorbed into the ticket price per university policy.

Tickets cannot be sold at the door.

Learn more about Eventbrite


Dept. head authorization
Event Name
Contact Person for Event

Chartstring info for where the revenue should be placed:

Business Unit
Account Code
Department ID
Program Code
Class (optional)
Project / Grant (optional)

Reconciliation Process

Payments processed through BlueSnap are processed directly into a pre-designated revenue account, and each payment site can be customized for each event (within certain limitations) based on the information you provide. 

Check payments received from Eventbrite will be deposited and GL accounts will be credited approximately equal to check deposited amount. Cash Management will reconcile check amount to sales reports generated in Eventbrite.

Refund Policy

BlueSnap refunds are handled by the UMass President’s Office Treasurer.  The event contact person should fill out the Credit Request Form and send to

For Eventbrite, all refund requests will be routed to the Office of Cash Management Services at UMass Lowell. Only Amy Kirchner or Donna Barron from the Office of Cash Management Services are allowed to initiate the refund process.