Evites are electronic invitations sent at the discretion of the vice chancellor for University Relations of high-profile events and/or fundraisers that are deemed essential to the mission of the university, to either internal and/or external audiences.

Evite Procedure

  1. Faculty/Staff member (with the approval of appropriate supervisor) requests evite via project request form at least three weeks before the evite distribution date (not the event date). Submission of the request does not constitute acceptance of request. (NOTE: Each evite must include contact person for more information.)
  2. Request is communicated to the vice chancellor of University Relations via senior web editor based on information provided in form request. 
  3. If evite is granted, senior web editor works with requestor to determine appropriate “send” lists (internal, external, faculty/staff/student, alumni, community and/or custom). 
  4. Senior web editor edits evite text according to university standards.
  5. Requestor provides suggested images/photos chosen for creative areas and body content. (Note Web Services has final review and selection of imagery graphics according to university standards and branding.) A generic evite template is also available to reduce production time for events not requiring special treatment or imagery.
  6. Evite built by Web Services and test sent to requestor for final approval.
  7. After final approval, evite distributed to send list(s) on distribution schedule determined by University Relations.