Photos and videos are powerful tools for telling the UMass Lowell story. They set the scene, create emotion and heighten the connection people feel to the university. University Relations works with numerous professionals (on staff and in the freelance community) to create compelling visuals for UMass Lowell. 


People in photos should appear upbeat and engaged, and students in informal settings should look happy and enthusiastic. Photos should celebrate and reveal UMass Lowell's naturally diverse community. Settings should be chosen that reflect the best of UMass Lowell. Avoid, for example, outdated, dim or cluttered spaces. In lab photography, all safety requirements must be observed to the letter.

With sufficient notice, we are able to accommodate most photo requests. In some cases, we may ask your department to pay for a portion of the cost. If you are interested in having a photographer at your event or wish to submit an idea for a video, submit a project request form. 

Digital photos taken for use in print or on the web must be shot at high resolution, 300 dpi and above.


Because of limited capacity and high demand, video requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Priority goes toward videos that tell a compelling story, that have a high potential to reach a large audience over a long period of time and that support one or more strategic priorities of the university. If we are unable to dedicate our own resources to your video, we may be able to recommend external vendors for hire.

Videos produced to market the university must meet a professional standard. Official university-branded videos should be produced by the University Relations staff or by qualified external vendors. The work of students or interested amateurs is not permissible unless supervised by University Relations or a qualified professional videographer.

Before you decide to pursue a video project, ask yourself these questions:

  • What story do I want to tell?
  • Why would my audience want to watch it?
  • Do I have the time, budget and expertise to proceed with confidence?
  • How will I promote my video?
  • Do I expect something to change in the next year (e.g., a department name or program) that would make my video obsolete?


  • Videos must be shot in 16:9 aspect ratio in HD resolution.
  • The UMass Lowell logo should appear at the beginning or end of the video, and a "logo bug" should appear in the lower right corner throughout the production. Both graphics can be provided by University Relations.
  • University videos may not use copyrighted material of any kind without written permissions or license from the copyright holder (including music).
  • University videos must be closed-captioned in order for comply with federal accessibility requirements.
  • All videos embedded on pages must be approved by University Relations.

To request video services or to have a video reviewed, submit a project request.