A marketing mind-set suffuses all the work of University Relations and plays a larger or smaller role from one project to another.

Marketing consultation can take the form of one brainstorming session on a specific project or an on-going dialogue that guides continuing work, as in the case of student recruitment.

University Relations works with faculty and administrators to

  • help identify an audience,
  • understand what that audience needs and wants to know,
  • clarify key elements of the campus offering,
  • and develop a message that integrates information essential to both the audience and campus.

The message is then incorporated into activities and materials -- which could include:

  • events,
  • an e-mail campaign,
  • media coverage,
  • a brochure,
  • advertising,
  • a website.

Marketing activities also include promotion of the university overall. Recently, these activities have included print advertising, video production, underwriting advertising on public radio and creation of huge banners hung on UMass Lowell buildings. 
Working with the Web Services group, student recruitment marketing will increasingly include a presence on social networking sites and web-based technologies such as video, slide shows, chats, podcasts and blogs.

For more information, contact the marketing team.