University Relations manages the Hawki Screens across campus. If you have an event you’d like to publicize or an announcement for the campus audience, we can help spread that message. To maintain consistency in messaging, we have created a template and guidelines to help you efficiently promote your event/announcement. Please download our template, complete with your information and submit a web ticket request.

Design Template

The following Power Point (PPT) template is available for your use. Please use this template to create announcements or events to be displayed on the Hawki monitors across campus.

Download Template (PPT)

Event & Announcement Guidelines

Events and announcements will be publicized on Hawki for two weeks leading up to the event or event registration/RSVP, unless otherwise indicated (for a maximum two-week span).

For announcements that are not deadline-driven, please indicate in your email which two week-period you would like the announcement to run.

  • The “Title” field should contain the text “ANNOUNCEMENT” or “EVENT” depending which category it falls under.
  • The header is the name of your event or announcement. 
  • Where applicable include the date, time and location.
  • Keep your content descriptive, yet concise – 40 word max.


Do not adjust font type, size or style. Fonts have been predetermined by the template and created to best fit the monitors across campus.


Videos should be kept to 20 seconds, 30 seconds max. Shorter videos have been shown to keep viewers’ attention and have more impact. Short videos are also positioned perfectly for use on social media.

Upload your completed PPT document to the web ticket system. Please select "Web Content" as the category and "Hawki" as the subcategory when submitting your request. Large files, including videos may be shared with via OneDrive.