Life is complicated, and everyone struggles with tough stuff. EVERYONE! 

As part of the caring community at UML, we know that students, faculty and staff care deeply about the well-being of our community, and are always ready to step up and help, but may hesitate because they’re not sure what to do.

To help us all support each other, we’ve found a great resource, Kognito, to help better manage difficult situations and conversations.  Remember, it isn’t a question of IF you’re going to have a tough conversation with someone … it is WHEN that conversation will happen. Using Kognito can help you feel more prepared by helping you develop some skills to navigate a bit more easily.

Here’s a quick two question Yes or No quiz to help you decide if using Kognito is right for you.

  1. Have you ever gotten tense or anxious when you think about having a discussion about something important to you?
  2. Have you been concerned for the wellbeing of someone you care for and wonder how to start the conversation so they know you care?

If you answered Yes to one or both of these questions, KOGNITO CAN HELP.

Kognito is a self-paced online interactive platform created to help you tackle difficult situations constructively and gain skills that will help you beyond that discussion.  Within the platform you’ll get the chance to practice with a virtual person helping you shape a constructive conversation.

Kognito is available to everyone at UML and can help you prepare to have that difficult but important talk with someone you’re worried about, and help you figure out what you can do to help.

It won’t take you long to try it out. Sign on with your email address to register, and you’ll be on your way to decreasing your own stress of wondering what to do when you know you want to help someone.

First-time Login to Kognito

The only mandatory fields when logging in to Kognito are:

  • User Type
  • Role (for Employee) or 
  • Class (for Student)
You are not required nor should you provide your student or employee ID when you register as a user.  That field is not a required field and you will be able to access Kognito without entering that information.

Once you register, you will not see this screen again. You will be automatically logged in with single sign on (SSO) when you are signed in to your @uml account.



Need Help? 

Email with UML questions.

Email with technical questions.

Report technical issues or error messages directly to Kognito.