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Take the Pledge

If you’re ready to take the pledge to end the stigma and support each others' mental well-being, here are some ideas:

  • Students: You can pledge to stand up for people who are being treated differently because of their mental health conditions. You can be a friend to a person who feels completely alone. You can stand up for yourself and commit to taking care of yourself and being willing to seek help from others when needed. You are not alone in your support. The vast majority of UMass Lowell students have said they would not think less of someone who has received mental health treatment.
  • Faculty & Staff: You can pledge to support our students. You can listen, offer resources, and be a presence on campus that fosters inclusion in classrooms, offices, and all areas of campus. You can pledge to make reasonable accommodations for students who need support. You can also pledge to be a resource that assists our students in getting the appropriate help they need on campus.
  • Family & Friends: You can pledge to listen non-judgmentally as your loved ones share their challenges with you. Your support can make all the difference.
  • All of us: You can pledge to watch your language. Words like “crazy,” and casual uses of “bipolar” or “schizo” are deeply hurtful to someone living with mental health challenges.