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Information for Parents of New Students


An undergraduate student taking 12-day school credits or more is considered a full-time student. Full-time tuition and fees can be found here. Undergraduate students taking fewer than 12 credits will have their account manually adjusted after each semester's add/drop date. To calculate your bill prior to the adjustment, please refer to part-time undergraduate tuition rates. Online courses are charged separately from day school tuition. Please refer to the Division of Online and Continuing Education for online and evening tuition rates.


Each semester your student will receive an email to their UMass Lowell student email account when their eBill is available for viewing. UMass Lowell does not mail paper copies of bills; bills are only distributed electronically. From their SiS self-service account, your student's eBill can be saved locally or printed. This bill is generated monthly but only reflects activity since the last bill. Your student's Account Summary page will provide the most current charges and transactions.


There are several options available for paying a student's tuition and fee bill; including monthly payment plans. To review payment methods or our payment plans, click the link below.


In order for your student to qualify for a book voucher their anticipated financial aid package must exceed their financial obligation to the university for the current semester. The voucher is an available line of credit at the UMass Lowell River Hawk Shop to be used for textbooks and course related supplies.  Book Voucher amounts are based on eligibility and will not exceed $700.  An email will be sent to your student's university email address if they qualify for a book voucher. Book vouchers are valid through the last day of add/drop each semester.


Credit balances resulting from over payment or excess financial aid will be refunded to students each semester.  Eligible students are notified via their university-issued email address and notifications begin the week after the disbursement of financial aid following the add/drop period.  Students can authorize the university to deposit credit balances directly into a designated bank account by enrolling in Direct Deposit through SiS Self Service.  If a student is not enrolled in direct deposit, a check will be sent to the mailing address on file in SiS.


Eligibility for financial aid begins with filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA application is available in October for the following academic year and must be filed each year online at by the February 1 priority deadline.

UMass Lowell has launched the award-winning GetAnswers online video service! Answers to all your financial aid related questions and much more are now at your fingertips 24/7.

Please also check out our comprehensive guide to understanding your student's Financial Aid Options (pdf).

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view any pdf files. It can be download for free from the Adobe website.


Federal Verification is the process used to confirm the accuracy of the data reported on the FAFSA. The U.S. Department of Education selects students for verification and UMass Lowell may also select applicants for verification. If your student's application is selected, per federal guidelines, we will need to collect all necessary documentation from students and parents. It is the student's responsibility to submit the required verification documentation to The Solution Center as soon as possible. Incomplete verification may result in the cancellation of your student's financial aid.

New incoming students will get an initial certification letter mailed home and subsequent notifications to their university student email account requesting required verification documents. You may also view and monitor missing paperwork on your students' SIS To Do List.


The Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan is available for parents and stepparents of dependent undergraduate students who are enrolled at least half-time (6 credits) per semester. The PLUS Loan offers a fixed interest rate and loan approval is subject to credit criteria established by the U.S. Department of Education. If a Parent PLUS Loan is denied, your student may still be eligible to borrow an additional Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan. To apply for a Parent Plus Loan, please visit to complete the online application. Additional loan information can be found here.


Scholarships are gift aid offered to students that does not need to be repaid. Most scholarships are awarded to students based on merit, financial need or both. We recommend that all students fill out the FAFSA application first.

The specific amounts and number of scholarships offered to students are based on available funding each year. The University of Massachusetts Lowell does not use the applications for the selection of most merit and need-based scholarships. Detailed information regarding scholarship programs can be found here.


If your student is interested in gaining valuable work experience while earning money to help with educational costs, we offer many different programs. Students should explore JobHawk which offers both students and employers an opportunity to connect.  


Massachusetts State Law requires that all students be enrolled in a health insurance program that meets comparable benefits established by the state of Massachusetts. All matriculating, undergraduate students, regardless of credit hours; and all matriculating, graduate students enrolled in nine or more credit hours are eligible and will be charged for health insurance each academic year.


Students who have comparable coverage may select to waive the university student health insurance plan by going online to SiS after receiving their University ebill.  If a student is eligible to waive the university health plan, they must complete the waiver form each academic year by the communicated deadline.  Instructions on the waiver process can be found here.


Per Massachusetts law, as a condition of enrollment at the university and subsequently, treatment at Health Services, all students are required to have the Record of Immunization form completed by a health care provider. Failure to submit required documentation will result in the placement of an Immunization hold that will prevent enrollment in the following semester.


In order to view your student's information, they will be required to grant you access via UShare. UShare allows your student to control what guests have access to their record. Guest access will allow you to view the areas of your student's record for which your student had authorized you, including the e-bill and online tuition payment.

Student Information System (SIS)

SiS is UMass Lowell's online student information system. SiS is used for all matters related to a student's education including registering for classes, paying a bill, or viewing financial aid packages.


All students at UMass Lowell are assigned a student email account. This email account is the universities official communication method which keeps them informed of important notices about their bill, financial information, to do list times, cases information, schedule changes, and university announcements. Students should check their email account daily for important updates.


Below please find a list of helpful links to help address your questions.