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Chancellor’s Merit Scholarship Application

For: Massachusetts residents, 4.0 GPA, SAT score 1540 or higher or ACT score of 34.
Deadline: November 6.

Read more about the Chancellor’s Merit Scholarship.

Note: You’re encouraged to complete the FAFSA at by March 1st priority deadline
Organization Involvement
List your top four organizations to which you belong, any offices you held and appropriate dates. Please list:
Your essay should be NO MORE THAN 500 words. Please choose one of the below topics for your essay
1. In your opinion, who is more effective and why: one who leads by outward action or one who leads by silent example? Describe which type of leader you are in your school, in your community and/or in your family.
2. If you were asked to give a speech concerning your “passion” in life, what would the speech sound like?
3. How do you feel UMass Lowell will help you achieve your educational goals and make you a stronger leader?
By signing below I certify under penalty of perjury the information provided on this form and attached is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.