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Consortium FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a consortium agreement?

It is an agreement between two or more colleges/universities verifying your enrollment at each of the schools for financial aid purposes. It also verifies only one of the schools can approve and administer eligible Title IV and state aid.

Why do I have to fill out the form?

To confirm you have met the criteria and/or the necessary requirements to receive federal and/or state aid.

How long does it take to complete the Consortium Agreement Process?

You must complete the consortium agreement prior to the add/drop period. This will confirm you have met the requirements to receive Title IV and State aid to assist with paying your Host institution.

Can I take any course I want at the Host Institution?

No. You are only allowed to take courses that will be applicable towards your degree and/or certificate program as determined by UMass Lowell and the approval of the Registrar’s office (Prior Approval Form).

Who is responsible for paying tuition at the Host institution?

The student is responsible for paying the Host institution. We do not transfer any funds.

Once your financial aid is disbursed to your UMass Lowell account, any refund amount after your bill has been paid can be used to pay tuition at the Host Institution. It is your responsibility to make sure refund funds are used for this purpose. If your charges at the Host institution are due before you receive any eligible refund, please contact the Host institution to make the necessary arrangements.

What happens if I was to drop or even withdraw from any of my courses at the Host institution?

You may lose eligibility for some or all of your aid. You should consult with UMass Lowell Financial Aid Office if you are planning to drop, withdraw or change any course.

What happens if UMass Lowell Financial Aid Office does not receive my final grade per the consortium agreement?

If we do not receive your transcript, we cannot confirm you have completed the course(s) therefore, UMass Lowell will be required by federal regulations to return the funds back to the federal government.

If I am not a degree-seeking student at UMass Lowell, can I receive financial aid per the consortium agreement?

No. Federal regulations state that a student must be seeking a degree to obtain financial aid.

If I was to fail the course at the Host institution, will I be eligible to take the course again at the Host institution and receive aid?

No. You will need to pay the course out of pocket.

How many credits do I have to be enrolled in to be eligible for aid?

You must be in at least a combined credit between the UMass Lowell and the Host school of 6 credits.

Can I receive aid at both the Home and Host institution?

No. UMass Lowell as the Home institution would process the student’s aid.

Can I apply for an alternative (private) loan?

Yes. Student may apply for a private loan. Find more information on alternative loan options.

Am I eligible for financial aid if I am in a Master’s Degree program?

You may be eligible, however you will need to contact the Registrar’s office to see if they have an interchange program for your degree, if not, contact the Financial Aid Office for next steps.