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For Students

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Download the Student Employment Brochure (pdf)


The UMass Lowell Student Employment Office is designed to help you, as an enrolled student, pursue your educational goals by providing employment resources, regardless of your financial need. Wondering how to get started in your job search?

  • Familiarize yourself with the various types of employment to determine the jobs for which you are eligible to apply.
  • Log in to JobHawk, our job posting web site, to search and apply to jobs that interest you. There are training guides and video tutorials available in the JobHawk "Students" tab to help you navigate through the site.
  • Create a resume and upload it to your JobHawk profile in order to apply to jobs. You can choose from a multitude of diverse job opportunities, all of which offer flexibility in scheduling, comfortable working environments and competitive pay rates.
  • Check your UMass Lowell student e-mail and JobHawk account for replies from employers regarding setting up an interview.
  • Accept a job!
  • If you've secured a Financial Aid Student Employment job, you will need to submit the W-4/ New Hire Packet (electronically) and the I-9 Form (with original ID's) to the Student Employment Office before you can be officially hired by the supervisor. Once your hire is complete, both you and your supervisor will receive an approval e-mail from our Student Employment Office with important details on how to enter your hours worked and receive your bi-weekly paycheck.


There are currently several types of student employment available. Each type of employment has varying eligibility criteria, funding sources & application procedures. The following information will explain each type of employment and who is eligible to apply:

Not sure if you have a UMass Lowell Student Employment or Federal Work Study award as part of your financial aid package? Check your Financial Aid Award on SiS to confirm.

For additional information and helpful resources, visit the Student Employment page of our website. Still have questions? Contact our Student Employment Office.



UMass Lowell students enrolled full-time in traditional undergraduate or graduate degrees, that file a FAFSA, and meet specific need-based criteria will receive notification of a work award with their financial aid package. Students are awarded on a funds available basis as part of their financial aid packages.

Students must:

  • Complete a FAFSA for the current academic year
  • Indicate on the FAFSA (question 31) that you are interested in work
  • Demonstrate financial need as determined by UMass Lowell and federal financial aid formulas

How to apply:

  • Students who receive a work award may log in to JobHawk to search and apply for positions designated as Financial Aid/Student Employment (FASE.)
  • Submit hiring paperwork directly to the Student Employment Office.



  • Any enrolled student. Positions are located at off-campus employers, not affiliated with UMass Lowell.

How to apply:

  • Log in to JobHawk to search and apply to positions designated as JLD.
  • Submit any hiring paperwork directly to the off-campus employer according to their specific requirements.



  • Any enrolled student. Positions are located within various UMass Lowell departments. These positions are funded directly through the individual departmental budgets.

How to apply:

  • Log in to JobHawk to search and apply to positions designated as departmental.
  • Submit any hiring paperwork directly to the departmental supervisor (or Human Resources) according to their specific requirements.