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Change Major

Change of Major

Students who wish to change their declaration of major are required to file an approved Change of Major form (pdf) with The Solution Center.

This form requires the signature of the chairperson of the major department from which the student desires to transfer, and must also include the dean's signature (of the new major) if the change of major is outside of their present college. 

Signature Requirements

Manning School of Business: Leticia Porter, Assistant Dean 
Kennedy College of Sciences: Steve Norton, Assistant Dean 
Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences: Pauline Ladebauche, Assistant Dean 
Francis College of Engineering: Kavitha Chandra, Associate Dean 
College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences: Bridget Marshall, Associate Dean (through Summer 2018) 
College of Education: Eleanor Abrams, Dean 
Solomont School of Nursing: Pauline Ladebauche, Assistant Dean 

If you are thinking of changing your major and wonder how that change would affect your degree progress, you may also create a "what-if" report and see what courses may apply to another major.