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Register for Next Semester

Register for Next Semester

Registering for next semester doesn't have to be stressful. Here's are a few things you can do to make the process go more smoothly.

  1. Identify classes you'd like to take. You can view your advisement report to see what classes you need to take. Make sure you check to see if there are prerequisites or co-requisites.
  2. Meet with your adviser to discuss your choices. Find my advisor.
  3. Determine what day you can begin registration by viewing your enrollment appointment.
  4. Check to make sure you don't have any holds on your account that may not allow you to register.
  5. Have your course numbers and sections available to enter into SiS. 
  6. If you need a permission number, contact the faculty member teaching the course. You will need to enter the permission number into SiS.
  7. If the course or section you want is filled, you can be added to the wait list. If another student drops the class, you will be given the opportunity to enroll.
  8. You can adjust your schedule until the end of add/drop each semester.

Add/Drop/Swap Classes

If you are already enrolled in a degree program or have previously taken courses at UMass Lowell, then you can log in to SiS to register for next semester. You need to check your enrollment appointment date to find out when you're eligible to register. If a class is full, you may add yourself to the waitlist. We recommend that you enroll in another course in case you cannot enroll in your first choice. Some courses require a permission number, which can be obtained by contacting the faculty member teaching the course. Be mindful that some courses require pre- or co-requistites.

Adding a class (Includes adding to a waitlist and using a permission number)
Instructions: Video | PDF

Dropping a class
Instructions: Video | PDF 

Swapping a class
Instructions: Video  | PDF