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Career Exploration & Current Employment Opportunities

Searching for a job can be a complicated process, and finding a job in a sustainability-related field can be trickier still. We have created this page to make that process easier, for it is becoming more and more important to create careers that help society, the environment, and the planet as a whole.

Please send any and all suggestions/critiques by email to: so that this page can better inform all of us!

Openings in Our Office

Student Positions

Full-Time Positions

  • There are no full-time positions open at the moment. Please check back in the future!

Check out the members of our staff currently working in our office!

Resources to Help Plan for Your Future

Job searching, and life after college in general, bring a multitude of challenges that range from handling stress to ensuring fair pay. These resources shall hopefully offer assistance in overcoming these hurdles in your careers!

Networking Events

Networking (meeting other professionals in your field) is often as important as job searching when trying to secure employment. Networking also allows for more collaborative projects and provides opportunities to meet like-minded and interesting people. The following conferences and events are great ways to network in the field of sustainability!

Prepare for these and other conferences using the Career & Co-Op Center's Guide to Networking!

Where To Search for a Job

Before diving into a job search, we highly recommend seeing a career counselor in UMass Lowell’s Career and Co-op Center!

As the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and our other guiding principles help to introduce, the term “sustainability” encompasses a wide range of fields.

These fields all have a variety of job pages specific to them. The Career & Co-op Center has compiled a list of common job posting sites. They also provide access to Handshake, which showcases jobs at companies that the University has connections to. UMass Lowell also provides a list of on-campus departmental jobs, federal work studies, and others on JobHawk.

The following are external job sites specific to certain fields in sustainability. Please email if you know of any other sites to add to the list!

Interdisciplinary Sustainability Jobs

Earth, Environmental, and Atmospheric Sciences (mostly from Early Career Climate Forum)

Ecology and Conservation Sciences

Food Systems

However, if there is an organization in particular that you are interested, search for them specifically! It is helpful to go to their webpage in particular to either look at their job postings or reach out personally.