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Graduate Resident Educators

Learning with Purpose


Through the Residential Curriculum, Graduate Resident Educators help meet the needs of our diverse residential population. They lead the First-Year Residential Experience initiative in each of our first year residence halls. 

Graduate Resident Educators have a number of ways in which they build community and promote the academic success of our first-year students. As a first year student, you have the option to meet with a Graduate Resident Educator on a regular basis to receive the guidance and support essential for your academic success. They can help you identify the right people and places on-campus to best support you, and do so through the following ways:

Academic Case Management & Support Services, Graduate Resident Educators:

  • collaborate with the Centers for Learning to intervene in situations where their residents are struggling academically. Graduate Resident Educators will reach out to students to set up individual meetings to help them develop an action plan to improve their academic performance.
  • provide guidance and support services for students through:
  • follow-up with students as necessary to ensure that they are following through on the action plan they developed together. If the student begins to display a greater level of concern, the Graduate Resident Educator will involve the appropriate person or office to handle the situation.

For more resources regarding Academic Success, Tutoring, Computing Services and strategies for success, visit the Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services website.

General Support Service Provider to Residents,Graduate Resident Educators:

  • help support first-year resident students through conduct incidents, and intervene with students of concern. Whether it is a roommate conflict and a mediation is needed, or it is reported that a student is of concern, or residents appear in an incident report as a result of an alleged conduct policy violation, students may be referred to their Graduate Resident Educators to benefit from additional support.
  • develop weekly newsletters that educate students on the various aspects of living on-campus and resources available to them at the University. Newsletters contain information about upcoming programs occurring in residence hall, updates on building-wide happenings, and highlights campus opportunities and important notifications from the Office of Residence Life and other departments across campus.
  • work in collaboration with their Resident Director or Complex Director to accomplish necessary administrative tasks to help support their community.

Supervision of Resident Advisor (RA) Programming,Graduate Resident Educators:

  • oversee RA programming that occurs within the first-year residence halls, along with the RAs implementation of our Residential Curriculum.
  • work with their Resident Director or Complex Director to set guidelines and due dates for all aspects of the Residential Curriculum programming.
  • facilitate 1-on-1 meetings with each RA on their staff in order to check in on their programming, discuss possible areas of improvement, and provide the appropriate support needs in an effort to meet the growing needs of their residential population.

Graduate Resident Educators provide a tremendous amount of support for our first-year students.

We encourage you to get to know your Graduate Resident Educators and find out how they can help you learn with purpose!