All students may fill out a roommate matching profile. This will allow students to see who has similar expectations of a roommate and allows students to get to know someone and find the most compatible match. It is important to note that students accepted into a LLC will only be able to match with other students in that LLC due to a limited number of spaces within each living-learning community.

The housing portal also allows students to specifically select who they wish to live with by entering a student's name or the first part of their student email address (example: rowdy_riverhawk).  Non-mutual requests (one person requests a roommate but the other person does accept it) will not be matched.

1. Roommate Matching Profile

This should be filled out by the student to indicate their preferences. We find that students who answer truthfully report having a higher satisfaction with their roommate experience. Students will also be given an opportunity to write a short profile that can be utilized in finding a roommate. This step is completed during the initial housing application but can be revisited once roommate matching opens.RoomMate Matching

2. Search and Request Roommates

Students will be emailed when roommate matching will open. Once available, students will be able to return to their housing application and request roommates. You can find a roommate using one of the following search methods:

  1. Search for Roommates by Details - Use this option if you know who you want to live with. You will enter...
  2. Search for Roommates by Profile - Use this option if you want to find a roommate based on the questions you answered. You can find...
  3. Suggest Roommates - Use this option to have the system suggest a roommate match based on your profile.

Tip: Check for any pending roommate requests, remember they must be accepted to be valid. 

Note: It is very important that all students that wish to live together request each other on this page. Failure to have mutual requests from all people will default to the roommate matching criteria as opposed to matching with requested students.  (i.e., if student A requests student B, B must accept that request).

Can't find your roommate? Here are some common reasons why.

  • You may not be the same classification, first-year students can not match with upper-class students by default. If you would like to request this you can contact our office.
  • You may have a different gender, within the roommate matching process only students with the same gender can match with one another. If you are interested in gender-inclusive housing we also provide that process.
  • They have set their profile to private, this means that you will not be able to find and match with them unless they remove that indicator. Students can update their profile on the housing portal.
  • They may not have a completed housing application.
  • Students accepted into an LLC will only be able to match with other students in the same LLC due to a limited number of spaces within each living-learning community.

3. Prepare for Room Selection

Once you have requested all the roommates to join your group and everyone has accepted you are ready for room selection! Each student will receive an email with an individual timeslot for them to go in and select a room. One of the benefits of having a roommate group is that anyone in your group can act as the group leader and select a room for everyone in the roommate group. Check with everyone to find out who has the earliest time for room selection as you will want them to select for your group to have the best availability of spaces.