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Tutorial: Roommate Matching & Criteria

All students may fill out a roommate matching profile. This will allow students to see who has similar expectations of a roommate and allows students to get to know someone and find the most compatible match.

The Online Housing Portal also allows students to specifically select who they wish to live with by entering a student's Entry ID number, name or the first part of their student email address.  Non-mutual requests (one person requests a roommate but the other person does not) will not be processed.

1. Roommate Matching Profile

This should be filled out by the student to indicate their preferences. We find that students who answer truthfully report having a higher satisfaction with their roommate experience. Students will also be given an opportunity to write a short profile that can be utilized in finding a roommate.
RoomMate Matching

2. Select Roommates

Starting May 1, students will be able to return to their housing application and select roommates.

Check for any suggested or pending roommate requests (remember they must be confirmed by both students) or search for a new roommate. 

Note: It is very important that all students that wish to live together request each other on this page. Failure to have mutual requests from all people will default to the roommate matching criteria as opposed to matching with requested students.  (i.e., if student A requests student B, B must also request A).