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Tutorial: Room Selection

Returning Students

The Housing Portal allows students to self-assign themselves to a room for the coming academic year. In order to be eligible for self selection, you must be a current student that has submitted their housing application and signed Terms of Agreement online before March 31.

Each student is grouped into their class standing - determined by credits at the end of the fall semester. Within each class, residents are assigned a random time slot. This time slot will be e-mailed to you approximately one week prior to Self Selection. Your time slot will be used to determine what time you can log onto the Housing Portal and select a room.

Once a student has logged in during their specified time, they will be able to choose a room, suite or apartment based on certain search criteria including building, floor, size of suite/apartment, and gender. At this time, the student with the first (best) time slot can act as the "Group Representative" and pull-in as many other students as there are vacancies within a chosen suite/apartment. All students that are being pulled in must also be current residents that submitted their contracts before the deadline.

Important Note 

By roommate matching in the housing portal with another student, you are allowing them to book your room for next year. Because of this, we highly recommend that you are present at the time of the pull-in process.