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A male student in his room, sitting on a chair near his desk.

Tutorial: Logging In

The first step to entering your preferences, retaining your room, or pulling-in a roommate is to log in to the Online Housing Gateway. Any Internet browser can be used to access the site although we suggest using  Internet Explorer or Firefox as formatting may be off in other browsers.

1. Navigate to the Online Housing Gateway. If you have completed your contract and paid your $200 deposit, click on the link below "Start Here:" to begin.


Note: Clicking this link will open a new window, so ensure that any pop-up blockers are turned off for this site.  Newer browsers may also warn you about trying to close the window; this is normal and choosing to close the window or not will not prevent you from logging in.


2. You will be presented with username and password fields.  These will be the same credentials you use to log into SiS. You are required to log into SiS ( at least once and change your default password before logging into the Online Housing Gateway.  Once you have entered your credentials, click CONTINUE.

Username: You must enter your student email address (

Default Password: If you have never logged into SiS to change your password (new students only), your default password is your student ID number (Ex: UMS012345678)

Lost Password: If you have forgotten your password, use the Change Password Tool on SiS or contact the HELP desk at x4357

3. When you successfully login, you will be presented with the main menu and a welcome message.